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Casamento Peca e Liam

Everyone knows of my passion for intimate marriages with all love. And today we have a beautiful inspiration here that came from Dublin , was photographed by dearest friend Zi Fernandes , a photographer from Rio who today chose Ireland to live. And then she took all her talent and affection to the registry of beautiful and incredible weddings on the other side of the ocean. Today ‘s love story is from Peca and Liam. Zi told them that they smiled with their souls, they were made for each other and the wedding looked like a movie theme: with many colors in red scattered all over the decor. Come and get inspired with this mini-wedding and get to know Zi’s work.which is now part of our Supplier Guide

They would kiss each other every time and they were in such a state of happiness that seemed to overflow – perfect elements for the photos. The theme of the wedding seemed to be from a film – a cinematographic language, with lots of red color spread out, which was what you could see around. I was very happy to register this lovely couple, so much of life and love. I wish that this happiness, which already flows over its limits, does not stop. “ Zi Fernandes

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Photos: Zi Fernandes – Dublin Ireland.

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  1. Hugo Castelo disse:

    Lindo mesmo, Peca! Liam charmoso. Deixa o coração leve ver a felicidade de vocês.
    Hahahaha, minha mãe saiu em três fotos ainda! Vou mostrar pra ela.
    Parabéns à fotógrafa!

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